Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network is a not-for-profit organization that works with health and human service professionals and consumers to improve the overall health of communities in the Mohawk Valley.

The mission of Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network is to improve birth outcomes and maternal, child and family health, facilitate collaboration among providers and community organizations and advocate for change. The Perinatal Network accomplishes this through assessment of community needs, health and human service provider education, perinatal data updates, consumer education and referral, Navigator services for the health insurance Marketplace, and outreach efforts to encourage healthy behaviors and increase utilization of health insurance programs. While the Network is concerned with improving birth outcomes for all women and their families, it specifically targets women of low income, in rural areas, the African American community, immigrants and refugees and adolescents due to the unique barriers faced by women in these groups.

We are one of the only organizations in our community to serve as a hub for perinatal information and services for both providers and consumers, providing training and education, making connections, assessing and addressing trends and issues, and assuring access to care for women, children and families.